So where was I?

Having written numerous pages for a number of other things, I do feel I’m drawn back to writing over here.  Maybe it’s that itch of writing or that excitement of being able to do something that was impossible in your generation.  One thing proves true though – I have gotten older.  So I ask myself, now that I’m into writing another new blogsite amongst all the other footprints I have online, am I really doing this again?

Would the answer matter now? Maybe not but at least I’m starting to ask questions again.

Anyway, I’ve stopped writing in my journal for two months now.  Honestly, I don’t know how I stopped or even why.  So, here I am. Online. Again.

So I’ll stop my ramblings for now.  Got a couple of days more before the weekend break (Like that matters nowadays, ha!).

So where was I?